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The Third Issue of the 2019 Financial Journal

The Third Issue of the 2019 Financial Journal

The Next Issue of the Reviewed Scientific  Periodical Financial Journal came out. It is possible to get acquainted with Materials of Number on our Website.
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Scientific periodical ISSN 2075-1990 (Print), ISSN 2658-5332 (Online) Financial Journal.

Founder and Publisher – Financial Research Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation.

Editor-in-Chief Vladimir S. Nazarov,  Head of Financial Research Institute, PhD (Economics).

The Journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index.

Articles are available in open access at: http: //  and  http: //

The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) are assigned to all articles.

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The Journal is published mainly in Russian with English summaries and bibliographical information. Articles are published free of charge. Decisions about publishing of articles are based on a double-blind review process.

Purpose of the Journal is to promote the development of modern financial science and the introduction of advanced financial practices by publishing research results on current issues of financial theory and public finance management.

Editorial policy of the Journal is based on the following principles: ensuring a high scientific level of publications with the requirement of novelty and research or practical applicability; strict adherence to international standards of publishing ethics; publication of materials not previously published and not intended for simultaneous publication in other publications; publication of materials free of charge; mandatory double anonymous review of submitted manuscripts.

The Journal publishes studies on the following topics: public finance (budget system, intergovernmental relations, development and implementation of fiscal, monetary and tax policies), financial markets, insurance, banking, accounting and auditing, financial control, statistics, and macroeconomic modelling and international finance.

The Journal is issued 6 times a year (in February, April, June, August, October, December).

Issue Schedule of the Financial Journal in 2019

Editorial Office Address:

Nastasyinsky per., 3, str. 2, Moscow 127006, Russian Federation

Phone: + 7(495) 6997683


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Scientific periodical

ISSN 2658-5332