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Financial Journal  Vol.15  No.2  2023

DOI: 10.31107/2075-1990-2023-2



Public Finance

M.E. Kosov, A.Yu. Chalova, R.G. Akhmadeev, E.V. Golubtsova
Federal Budget and State Fiscal Policy: Macroeconomic Adaptation until 2025 ..... 8 - 26

Public Sector

A.E. Abramov, A.A. Pershin, M.I. Chernova
Measuring the State Sector and Assessing Its Effectiveness: Approaches and Implications ..... 27 - 46

Digital Finance

A.V. Maslov, K.V. Shvandar
New International Projects on the Use of Central Bank Digital Currencies in Transforming Cross-border Settlements ..... 47 - 58

ESG Investments

A.O. Volodina, M.B. Trachenko
ESG Investment Profitability in Developed and Emerging Markets with Regard to the Time Horizon .... 59 - 73

Green Finance

S.I. Chuzhmarova, A.I. Chuzhmarov
Tax Incentives for Investments in Green Technologies: Experience of Selected Countries .... 74 - 89

Yu.A. Tarasova, E.I. Lyashko
The Influence of Institutional Factors on Green Bond Issuance: a Look Back to 2021 .... 90 - 102

Insurance Market

Yu.A. Spletukhov
Environmental Insurance: Insurable Risks and Losses Subject to Compensation .... 103 - 115

Health Care Spending

O.V. Obukhova, A.S. Bogomazova
General Expenses in the Provision of Public Health Services in Hospitals .... 116 - 129

Scientific periodical

ISSN 2658-5332