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Financial Journal  Vol.14  No.6  2022

DOI: 10.31107/2075-1990-2022-6



Regional Taxes

M.V. Alexeev, A.V. Korytin, E.V. Melkova
Regional Tax Competition in Canada, the United States and Russia: Assessment of Regulatory Experience ..... 8 - 24

Regional Budgets

A.L. Osmolovskaya-Suslina, S.R. Borisova
Regional Budget Revenues in Early 2022: Main Trends and Risk Factors ..... 25 - 43

O.I. Timofeeva
Methodology and Results of Measuring the Transparency of Russian Regional Budgets ..... 44 - 58

Financial Control

A.I. Lukashov
Improving Internal Financial Control and Audit as Mechanisms to Increase the Efficiency of Budget Funds ..... 59 - 73

Forecasting Bankruptcy of Companies

D.S. Leonteva
Using Market Indicators to Refine Estimates of Corporate Bankruptcy Probabilities ..... 74 - 90

V.V. Afanasev, Yu.A. Tarasova
Default Prediction for Housing and Utilities Management Firms Using Non-Financial Data ..... 91 - 110

International Finance

A.V. Navoy
The Transformation of Russia's Role in the Global Financial Architecture in the Context of Geopolitical Challenges ..... 111 - 123


L.V. Sannikova
Risks of Using Cryptoassets in Russia and the Potential for Mitigation ..... 124 - 138

Scientific periodical

ISSN 2658-5332