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Financial Journal  Vol. 13  No. 3  2021

DOI: 10.31107/2075-1990-2021-3



Payment Systems

V.L. Dostov, P.M. Shust, P.V. Pimenov
Prospects for the Development of Payment Institutions in Russia ..... 8 - 26

A.V. Maslov
Development of New Payment Systems in Russia Similar to a CLS Analogue ..... 27 - 37

Financial System: Cyberthreat Analysis

S.V. Shkodinsky, M.N. Dudin, D.I. Usmanov
Analysis and Assessment of Cyberthreats to the National Financial System of Russia
in the Digital Economy ..... 38 - 53

V.Ya. Pishchik, P.V. Alekseev 
Cybercrime as a Key Operational Risk of the Payment and Settlement Infrastructure 
of the Global Financial System and Approaches to Its Regulation 
in the Eurasian Economic Union ..... 54 - 66

Public Administration

A.I. Lukashov
Some Directions of Increasing the Efficiency of Public Administration 
in the Context of Digitalization ..... 67 - 75

Budget Expenditures

M.I. Kudelich
Problems of Innovative Science and Technology Center Financing From
Budgetary Funds ..... 76 - 87

Tax Policy

O.A. Sinenko, T.P. Mitrofanov
Identification of Signs of “Business Fragmentation” in Russian Far Eastern
Territories with Special Economic Status ..... 88 - 103

Customs Policy

A.A. Artemiev
The Flow of Dividends to the Seller: Customs Valuation Methodology ..... 104 - 115

International Finance

V.Yu. Dodonov
Devaluation’s Impact on the Formation of Kazakhstan Government Budget: 
The Factor of the National Fund Investment Income ..... 116 - 131

Scientific periodical

ISSN 2658-5332