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About the First Issue of Financial Journal 2023

The editors have completed the preparation of materials for the first issue of the Financial Journal of the current year - Volume 15, No. 1 2023. In the coming days, the materials of the issue will be available on the pages of the Financial Journal website: current issue, articles, archive. The issue will go out of print in early March.

Release content:

Regional Finance
B.I. Alekhin
Interregional Differences in Inflation through the Prism of Ackley’s Theory

P.V. Stroev, O.V. Pivovarova, Kh.V. Sheozhev, A.I. Dudnik
Regions with Low Financial Sustainability: Analysis and Enhancementof Development

Public Finance
V.V. Vagin, V.A. Paksivatkina
Civil Finance

Stock Market
V.V. Nazarova, S.I. Leshchev
Study of the Momentum Effect in the Price Dynamics of Highly Liquid Shares
on the Russian Securities Market

Public Procurement
M.A. Moiseeva, T.V. Kulakova
Improving the Public Procurement System: Rating of Contractors
in the Road Sector

K.D. Shilov, A.V. Zubarev
Factors of Ethereum Profitability as a Platform for Creating Decentrilized Applications

Tax Stimulation of Investments
A.V. Tikhonova
Development of Tax Incentives for Investments in Human Capital


Scientific periodical

ISSN 2658-5332